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Dogs Who Love Our Beds

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Dogs Who Love Our Beds

If your dog loves Island Dog Design dog beds as much as these do - send us a picture, and we'll do our best to add it to the mix.  See our Facebook page for more images of Dogs Who Love Our Beds!  at  https://www.facebook.com/IslandDogDesign



Big Boy Chester is dozing on his new X-large Island Dog Design bed!


Pretty Josie loves to curl up on her bed! 

getattachment-7.aspx.jpeg                          getattachment-1.aspx.jpeg    I love lookin' good on my Moroccan Styled eco-bed!                    We like to share...



Phoebe loves sprawling on her new Island Dog Design dog bed, which matches the new furniture....


Dolly loves her Island Dog Design bed when her 'mom' isnt using it as a meditation pillow...






Cuda Kayla loves company on her bed
lexi.jpg  img950806-2.jpg
Lexi - out like a light  Jack finally has room to stretch out!



Mio and Yoshi love to lie on their bed together



 Baru chills out on an X-large Sanddollar dog bed



Bulldog Winston does his best to outbest his Island Dog Design dog bed, but to no avail!  Our dog beds are made to last and endure toughness.  Winston finally surrendered, and had a restful and supportive sleep.