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Consider adopting a shelter pet first — there are millions of homeless dogs and cats that need a home, and love.  The organizations below can help you find the right pet for you, as well as point you to animal rescue organizations in your area.

Did you know that approximately 10 million animals enter shelters each year?  And millions of those animals are euthanized, as only 10% of them are adopted.
Many of these animals are in the shelters for no fault of their own --  perhaps they are lost, or their owners ran into financial difficulties, such as house foreclosure.  Many of these animals make loving pets and can be a wonderful part of your family.  Consider adopting a shelter pet today.
We donate a portion of our profits to organizations that help animals in need, and local animal shelters.

Watch Lexi's story -- 

A portion of all Island Dog Design profits are donated to local animal rescue organizations.

"Green" Things We Like

Green Printers:  Zenith Color Group | 121 Varick Street | NY, NY 10013 | 212-989-4400

  • Zenith is a truly green print shop, using cutting-edge technology, with truly eco-friendly ways to print using less chemicals and reduced waste, providing outstanding quality, and cost-effectiveness. Contact them for more info at info@zenithcolorgroup.com

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