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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Island Dog Design Dog Beds & Pads Different?

We love our dogs, and we love good style and design.  And doing right by our animals and the environment seems only natural.  At Island Dog Design we decided to combine all three, and make eco-friendly dog beds with sophisticated designs. They are all made in the USA, which helps reduce your and your dogs carbon footprint.  Big and small dogs love them!

Made with premium quality natural latex foam, it feels and supports a dog like a 'natural tempur-pedic' mattress, but free of chemicals and fire retardants. It is also -

  • Comfortable, orthopedic and supportive, keeping its shape
  • Naturally antimicrobial - warding off dust-mites, mold and bacteria
  • Easy to keep clean, and wash -- (and doesnt take on the smell of your dog!)
  • Responsibly and sustainably harvested
  • Guaranteed to last (we guarantee the foam insert for 3 years - but have ones already 10 years old)

Big Dogs need extra support for their large frames and joints. We also wanted dog beds that were attractive additions to any room in our homes, and used natural, plant-based and eco-friendly materials.


Many dog beds on the market today use plastics and polyurethene fiberfill, which are petroleum based products. Or if they use recycled materials, its generally out of a landfill, which may not necessarily be made of breathable and natural fibers.    Generally, many dog beds on the market do not accomodate the weight of most larger dogs well -- often compressing completely to the floor when stepped or lain on, such that there is little support left.  

Island Dog Design Dog Beds are attractive, look great in your home and are a natural, comfortable, therapeutic, and healthy choice for your dog, acting like a natural "memory foam".   Our dogs, big and small, love them.

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See more about eco-friendly dog beds via the video below:


Eco-Friendly and Healthy Alternative

Most dog beds today are made from petroleum-based polyurethane foam, or materials recycled from a landfill, which can still bring chemical residue into your home.

We strive to use eco-friendly, natural, and plant-based materials throughout our design and manufacturing process, to minimize the impact on our own and our dog’s health, home and overall environment.

For those people with chemical and environmental sensitivities, Island Dog Design Dog Beds are a great choice.

We look for suppliers that are similarly committed to a healthy environment and whenever possible, use alternative energies, such as solar or wind, to power their operations. We ensure that our suppliers can certify their products and manufacturing process. And by making the beds 100% in the USA, it keeps our carbon footprint down.

We use premium quality materials and workmanship in our dog beds, from the designs, to the covers, through to the cushion insert. Everything is made with quality, durability, reliability, and the environment in mind. 


All the dog bed covers are made of earth-toned pre-shrunk 100% cotton, a natural fiber, which is perfect for durability, comfort and breathability. We use organic materials whenever possible.

Cushion - Foam Insert

The dog bed cushion provides a deeper, more restful sleep for our pets and is particularly ideal for dogs who need therapeutic support.

  • The insert is made of natural latex foam, which is eco-friendly, chemical and pesticide free, and naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. So, the dog bed insert naturally repels dust, mites, mold and mildew. The insert also is biodegradable, and won't ever clog up a landfill.
  • Natural latex foam is made using sap from the Rubber tree. The tree is tapped, and the milk from the tree is collected in a bucket similar to the way maple syrup is collected from Maple trees. The sap lends itself well to a process in which it can be molded and shaped.
  • The natural latex foam cushion is 100% made of natural products (97%-99% natural tree sap with the remainder composed of natural soaps and residuals from the manufacturing process). When exposed to the elements, the cushion will biodegrade in as fast as a couple of weeks, and turn completely to dust.
  • A natural and renewable resource, natural latex costs more, but it is better for you, your dog, and the environment.


The beautifully zippered covers can easily be unzipped, machine washed separately in mild detergent, and hung to dry. The natural foam can be hosed down with a bit of mild soap and water, or spot cleaned, and then air dried out of direct sunlight.

Made to Last

We use premium quality and durable materials in our products, and we stand by them.  We guarantee the durability of the natural foam insert for 3 years.   We even have some of our canine customers who've done their best to outdo our beds, without avail.  Check out Bulldog Winston's attempt to battle one of our dog beds:   He finally surrendered and had a super supportive rest!

Green America Certified

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